Felmingham Barns

Felmingham Hall, like many large Country Houses throughout Britain, has been through many changes and indeed uses in its time, as have the ancillary buildings on its estate. Originally the heart of a farming enterprise, the Hall subsequently became a small hotel before returning to being a private residence. We have been involved in a number of projects to improve various aspects of the Hall itself but it is perhaps the nearby barns that have in recent years experienced the biggest change. 

These extensive barns were redundant when the current owner took on the estate and had been altered to accommodate farming needs over the years.  Some of the alterations were quite major, including the removal of the original roof and the replacement with a sheet metal roof at a low pitch.  

This particular development project then required the reconstruction of the largest barn and reconfiguration of the buildings around it to create high quality holiday accommodation. The 1960’s shallow pitched corrugated roof, resting on a lightweight steel truss structure, was removed and a timber roof re-instated at a steeper pitch, using old photographs as a guide in a bid to return it to as close to its original form as possible.  Reclaimed materials were used throughout wherever practicable. 

The scheme creates two very sizeable holiday units with a large open plan central sitting room which can either be shared between the units or used by one.  The walls to the former yard at the rear were retained and reconstructed to give private gardens to each of the units.An adjoining smaller barn provides a further single dwelling as part of the development and the three units have been configured in such a way as to maximise the privacy for holidaymakers renting the accommodation. 

Property Name

Felmingham Barns


North Norfolk

Planning District

North Norfolk District Council







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