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Developing a site requires a range of skills if a successful outcome is to be achieved, be it redevelopment of redundant city centre buildings, finding use for a disused ‘brownfield’ site, or even gaining permission for a ‘greenfield’ site.

Our creative approach to the challenges of developing such sites has advanced our reputation in this field and both property owners and developers come to us for our extensive experience on a wide range of projects. We bring a creative, proactive approach to the design of schemes on sites where the solution, be it mixed use, residential or commercial, is not always immediately obvious.

Our insight and knowledge allows us to bring together current ideas and thinking within the context of the Planning, zoning and Building Control regulations. We keep abreast of new office working practices and are informed on current thinking in respect of the working environment, layout schemes and guidelines as well as legislation on transport, site access, parking and so forth.

Often working with developers who think ‘outside of the box’, together we review all approaches and options, resulting in projects that have taken a unique view of the site in question. A site in central London for example, converted a redundant underground power station into a Leisure Club. Another project in central Birmingham converted a Council building into an hotel in a re-use of an existing building. In Suffolk, a redundant waterfront Oil Depot transformed into a yacht Marina.

Smaller sites and those outside main cities and towns are just as valuable and as interesting to find new uses for too. A change in the business model of one of our clients made their multiple-site locations redundant to their previous use. Each of the sites was developed to provide new residential blocks of between four and twenty units, providing a new business model for our client and increasing the value of every one of their sites.

Being able to add capital value to sites such as these underpins many of the development projects we are involved in. However for us the real value is in ensuring that redundant buildings and abandoned sites are re-modelled so that, going forward, they can continue to be useful to our communities at large.

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