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At LBR Architecture, we believe beauty derives from functional innovation.  

As a multi-award-winning Norfolk-based RIBA Chartered practice, we have become regionally and nationally recognised for our imaginative, environmentally conscious designs. To us, every project is an opportunity to augment and enrich our clients’ environment. Our projects range from bespoke private eco-houses, offices and factories to education buildings, medical facilities, sustainable housing communities, hotels, and mixed-use schemes.   

We are pragmatic dreamers with a proven decades-long track-record of successfully delivering stimulating, inspiring, thoughtful and sustainable architecture. Each of our projects is a unique solution to the demands of location, budget, client aspiration and building type. 

We understand the importance of communication and collaboration with clients, consultants, planners and government bodies. Our clients typically share our passion for high quality, contemporary design and our solutions are founded upon several decades of experience as architects and consultants. 

At its core, our articulation of architecture is imaginative, responsive and sustainable in concept, detail and construction. We eagerly embrace the new challenges and future successes this approach promises for our team and clients, and are always curious to discover, imagine and realise our clients’  unique architectural ambitions. 

Design In Action  

Design begins the moment we meet our clients to discuss their project. We are skilled in leading our clients through the various stages of the design requirements and formulate a brief which encompasses not only the practical aims and objectives of the project but also clients’ vision, end goals and aspirations. Once the design is agreed, we are ready to translate the ideas, design and concept into drawings and schedules which will inform contractors throughout the building process, giving them all the information required to lift your project off the page and into reality. 

With these requirements in mind we ensure our design ideas form a coherent whole from the outset. The skill in the early stage is to help our clients free their thinking process from any pre-conceptions, allowing holistic and imaginative analysis of the brief. Alongside our creative role, it is our professional duty to advise on the issues that impact on the brief so that the client can make informed decisions where required. This may mean choosing between different design approaches and project timelines – important decisions which inevitably affect the final outcome. Issues at this stage may include visual appearance, spatial quality and statutory regulations, to name just a few. 
Our skill as designers is to synthesize aesthetic, practical and statutory requirements to construct a functional and beautiful whole. To us, sustainability and environmental performance, in terms of energy requirements, materials and construction processes, is not merely desirable, but central to good design. Throughout the design process, we strive to ensure that environmental features are cost beneficial, tapping into alternative funding sources to ensure financial sustainability. As part of our comprehensive design process, we not only ensure each design is not merely aesthetic and practical, but that it complies with all the relevant building control legislation, paving a smooth path to completion.  

The Lambert Bardsley Reeve Philosophy

Sustainable design is smart design.

Our philosophy to deliver sustainable design experiences is infused into everything we do. We aim to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of how their goals connect to a threefold bottom line: people, planet and prosperity.

Our multiple award-winning eco-homes are testament to the quality of our buildings and the strength of our client relationships. Our innovative experiential, immersive designs always begin with the user, their unique needs and the deeper expression of living in their own curated space and time.

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"Lambert Bardsley Reeve worked closely with us to develop the design of our new laboratory and staff facilities. They oversaw the project and ensured that it ran smoothly with minimal disruption to our day to day production process and indeed our staff generally. They co-ordinated and liaised over the provision of the temporary accommodation that was required during the construction process. Lambert Bardsley Reeve made an important contribution, successful design and execution of this important project for Aeropak."
Aeropak Pharmaceuticals
"I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying living in my transformed home, now a great entertaining space and I continue to receive many compliments.  Once again you would be welcome to send any prospective clients round to view your wonderful design."
"Last weekend my son and his partner came to stay, which is actually what the extension was all about - having more room for family and friends.  The house now works fantastically well in that respect and we all had a lovely time together, so they’re back visiting again in four weeks time!  (Needless to say they had the new bedroom!)."
"Just to say Thank You for all your help over the last few years in coordinating the various jobs around the house. We really appreciated your effort in making sure that the tasks were achieved properly, which required considerable chasing up on our behalf. We are especially pleased with our new chimneys!"
Andrew & Rose
Grade II listed refurbishment project
"Many thanks for help and inspiration for The Grove."
"Both Rachel and myself were very impressed with your professionalism, relevant experience and knowledge, but most of all enthusiasm that matched ours in relation to producing us an outstanding dwelling…. You have set the bar very high."
Andy & Rachel
"I have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of building a house and I appreciate your artistic skills that have made ‘The Lodge’ very special."
The Lodge
"CPRE Norfolk supports this application…. The design is of such innovative and high quality that we hope it will be entered for a CPRE Norfolk award in the future."
M. Rayner
CPRE Norfolk on The Walled Garden
"Crispin’s innovative design and eye for detail has resulted in a stunning modern living space which beautifully compliments an old Grade II listed house. His experience and knowledge helped enormously with planning applications and directing the project through to completion. I am absolutely thrilled with the result."
C. Mainstone
The Willows
"We were trying to open up the property, but wanted to maintain its character and also restore some of its previous character which had been lost in previous renovations. The main thing was to bring in as much light into the property as we could with it being very dark, due to having very small windows, which is a common theme with barn conversions.…  The end product is fabulous and is testament to us having achieved not only our goal but so much more. We are very pleased with it indeed."
Mr & Mrs Bower
Low House
"I was delighted to read that [LBR Architecture] has won a South Norfolk Design Award in the new building category for Cedar House… which has been designed with impressive environmental features. I would like to take this opportunity to send you and your team my warmest congratulations."
Richard Bacon
"Many thanks Crispin for helping us to produce such a fine building."
Mark & Anne
Meditation Room
“Lambert Bardsley Reeve were extremely helpful in not only the design and development stages of the project taking on board our specific educational requirements, but also in assisting us to appoint a full team of consultants. The project was very challenging and innovative involving several changes in design and specification, each requested change and addition was met with positive and helpful attitudes. Planning was particularly difficult and both Lambert Bardsley Reeve and surveyors Allman Woodcock put in additional time including several meetings with neighbours and planners to ensure that the project progressed.”
City College Norwich (C-BEC Project)
“This is a well-established partnership and Lambert Bardsley Reeve have used their knowledge of the College and its site to best effect in this latest project to provide an impressive building within a relatively short time frame.”
Daphne King (Principal)
East Norfolk Sixth Form College
"I wasn’t sure that we would ever get to this point!  Thank you for your assistance with all of the projects we have undertaken together over the years.  I do think that we have made a real difference to the work of the College and the quality of the learning experience for our students."
Joe Santorini (Vice Principal)
East Norfolk Sixth Form College
Although our project was quite small it required very careful attention as we are in a Conservation Area and the works were in very close proximity to an historic wall. LBR architects gave the scheme the same care and attention as if it had been a bigger project. The drawings were clear and easy to understand and our brief was carefully followed. The design they developed worked very well. We have no hesitation in recommending them.
Mr & Mrs E., Loddon

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