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More than ever we need to consider how the buildings we create are affecting the environment. We have been involved in eco and sustainable architecture since our inception in 1994. In 2006 we constructed our first fully eco-sustainable project using a full range of eco technologies including timber frame construction and insulation created from shredded newspaper. The house featured an early version of ground source heating and had generally high levels of thermal insulation throughout. It continues today to be just as effective as it was when first built, keeping the house warmly insulated and utility bills to a minimum.

In 2007 we first used a latent heat recovery system in a residential property, taking warm air from bathrooms and kitchens and heating the incoming air. We have continued to track developments in sustainable and ecological solutions for buildings as they have occurred. Our commitment to our clients using these new technologies includes ensuring that the offerings are not just temporary, possibly costly gimmicks, but that they are proven to perform and cost-effective to deliver.

Over the years, the arrival of air source heating systems together with improved thermal brakes in properties and increasing air tightness of construction have allowed for a better control of internal environments overall, making it easier to develop technologies to suit a variety of environmental needs in construction. We all need to learn how to efficiently harness and store energy, and to couple these technologies with lowering energy consumption through more efficient retention.

It is not just the renewable energy systems we have followed however, but also the generally improved understanding in how these construction materials are made, their realistic life span and then how they are disposed of or recycled at the end of their operational life. This is an area that we are currently particularly interested in and have now designed a building that has a structure which can be constructed largely from recycled components.

We believe that the future of construction will have to focus closely on reusing existing components as well as a developed understanding of how these components can be dismantled at the end of their life and reused over again to satisfy different uses.

Sustainable design is smart design.

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