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At LBR Architecture, we believe beauty derives from functional innovation.  

As a multi-award-winning Norfolk-based RIBA Chartered practice, we have become regionally and nationally recognised for our imaginative, environmentally conscious designs. To us, every project is an opportunity to augment and enrich our clients’ environment. Our projects range from bespoke private eco-houses, offices and factories to education buildings, medical facilities, sustainable housing communities, hotels, and mixed-use schemes.   

We are pragmatic dreamers with a proven decades-long track-record of successfully delivering stimulating, inspiring, thoughtful and sustainable architecture. Each of our projects is a unique solution to the demands of location, budget, client aspiration and building type. 

We understand the importance of communication and collaboration with clients, consultants, planners and government bodies. Our clients typically share our passion for high quality, contemporary design and our solutions are founded upon several decades of experience as architects and consultants. 

At its core, our articulation of architecture is imaginative, responsive and sustainable in concept, detail and construction. We eagerly embrace the new challenges and future successes this approach promises for our team and clients, and are always curious to discover, imagine and realise our clients’  unique architectural ambitions.  

Design In Action  

Design begins the moment we meet our clients to discuss their project. We are skilled in leading our clients through the various stages of the design requirements and formulate a brief which encompasses not only the practical aims and objectives of the project but also clients’ vision, end goals and aspirations. Once the design is agreed, we are ready to translate the ideas, design and concept into drawings and schedules which will inform contractors throughout the building process, giving them all the information required to lift your project off the page and into reality. 

With these requirements in mind we ensure our design ideas form a coherent whole from the outset. The skill in the early stage is to help our clients free their thinking process from any pre-conceptions, allowing holistic and imaginative analysis of the brief. Alongside our creative role, it is our professional duty to advise on the issues that impact on the brief so that the client can make informed decisions where required. This may mean choosing between different design approaches and project timelines – important decisions which inevitably affect the final outcome. Issues at this stage may include visual appearance, spatial quality and statutory regulations, to name just a few. 
Our skill as designers is to synthesize aesthetic, practical and statutory requirements to construct a functional and beautiful whole. To us, sustainability and environmental performance, in terms of energy requirements, materials and construction processes, is not merely desirable, but central to good design. Throughout the design process, we strive to ensure that environmental features are cost beneficial, tapping into alternative funding sources to ensure financial sustainability. As part of our comprehensive design process, we not only ensure each design is not merely aesthetic and practical, but that it complies with all the relevant building control legislation, paving a smooth path to completion.  

The Lambert Bardsley Reeve Philosophy

Sustainable design is smart design.  

Our philosophy to deliver sustainable design experiences is infused into everything we do. We aim to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of how their goals connect to a threefold bottom line: people, planet and prosperity.

Our multiple award-winning eco-homes are testament to the quality of our buildings and the strength of our client relationships. Our innovative experiential, immersive designs always begin with the user, their unique needs and the deeper expression of living in their own curated space and time.  

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