Unfortunately we do not have vacancies at present.

However, we are always interested in hearing from pragmatic dreamers with a diverse skillset capable of benefitting both our clients and practice. We recognise that we could not have reached where we are today without the creative, professional and friendly individuals that make our team. As such, we are always open to applicants who make it impossible for us not to offer them a job.

In the meantime, please keep checking in with us, as we’ll advertise vacant positions on these pages.

The Lambert Bardsley Reeve Philosophy

Sustainable design is smart design.  

Our philosophy to deliver sustainable design experiences is infused into everything we do. We aim to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of how their goals connect to a threefold bottom line: people, planet and prosperity.

Our multiple award-winning eco-homes are testament to the quality of our buildings and the strength of our client relationships. Our innovative experiential, immersive designs always begin with the user, their unique needs and the deeper expression of living in their own curated space and time.  

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