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Architectural conservation is the management of change of our historic built environment. As a practice dedicated to sustainability, we regard our role in working on these special projects as having a dual remit: the opportunity to protect the historic fabric and detail of a building as well as establishing renewable and energy conservation systems in support of both building and environment.

The protection and restoration of an historic building takes time and dedicated, specialist knowledge. It can also be a stressful and costly process for its custodians. By engaging an architect who understands these projects at the outset, realistic expectations around the process, time involved and budget required can be established.

Whether simply a restoration project, an updating and refurbishing of facilities or a complete overhaul and change of use, we offer many years of expertise in sensitively interpreting required works within the Planning framework and Listed Buildings guidelines. We work closely and proactively with a team of specialist consultants, Conservation officers, Planning authorities and where appropriate, Historic England and other building heritage and statutory conservation organisations.

Conservation projects can be seemingly challenging or complicated at the outset, but with patience and perseverance they are always interesting and ultimately hugely rewarding.

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