St. James’ Mill – (Grade I)

Built in 1836 for the Norwich textile industry, St. James’ Mill is a prominent Grade I Listed building in the centre of Norwich, on the banks of the River Wensum in Fishergate.   

We undertook two projects here. The first was a scheme for Jarrold Printing who own the building and occupy a part of it and wanted to create a new reception that could incorporate a meeting room within the reception area where samples of the books and magazines they print could be displayed alongside their many awards.  The changes were configured to have a minimal impact on the fabric of the existing building. 

The second scheme was a project to refurbish the second floor of the Mill which had been virtually untouched since housing first a textile industry and later factory accommodation for a chocolate manufacturer. Complete modernisation was therefore required with the proposal incorporating a new sprinkler system, lighting, ceiling tiles and grid, raised computer floor with data cabling, radiators and refurbished windows.   

The scheme worked with the existing structure, the ceiling tiles being centred on the main ceiling beams. To the eastern corner of the substantial floor space a number of individual offices were constructed.  These featured a high standard of ash joinery to match the main entrance doors, incorporating very distinctive levels of ironmongery to match the ironmongery visible throughout the Mill. 

The proposal successfully maintained the form and character of the existing building whilst providing very modern facilities for the occupants. 

Property Name

St. James’ Mill offices


Norwich City Centre

Planning District

Norwich City Council




Grade I, Completed



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