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Clients who come to us value our distinctive approach and the broad scope of our expertise. Our organisation’s holistic engagement with sustainable, high quality buildings for education is founded on the belief that all teaching environments should be inspiring as well as comfortable and practical. Teaching has evolved over the years and indeed continues to do so in response to both environmental circumstances and political changes. The design of educational buildings needs to be responsive to these changes, enabling self-teaching clusters and smaller teaching groups as well as the more traditional larger class formats.

Education buildings have a dual role to play, not only in being spaces where teaching can be optimised but also in engaging students to understanding and appreciating the built environment and how it affects us all. Whether masterplanning whole sites and designing new facilities, as we have done for East Norfolk Sixth Form College, or updating and refurbishing historic buildings as with the English Experience project, we are sensitive to funding requirements and to minimising disruption, whatever the project size.

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