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Buildings have an important role to play in our society and we have a duty as architects to ensure the buildings we live and work in are beautiful, healthy environments. They should lift us spiritually, physically and aesthetically. And none more so than our own homes. Our homes can be places of sanctuary, of industry, relaxation and family activity. They are private spaces and also social hubs. Places we can retreat to, share the joy of families coming together and places where we can enjoy the company of friends. Buildings that not only give us somewhere to sleep and store our belongings but that also fill us with joy and perhaps even fulfil us.

Our homes should be in synergy with their surroundings. Rooms that fill us with joy as they fill with warming sunlight or fill us with warmth and comfort as we look out to rainy weather. Views within the spaces we create are just as important. The way the spaces flow together, the routes we take through our homes, the quality of light, all add to and expand our sense of positive energy and well-being.

And more so than ever before, our homes need to work for us creatively, as individuals and as families. We need spaces where we can relax together and share precious time together. Just as we need spaces where each of us can be alone. Close to our loved ones, not too far from the kitchen (still very much the hearth and heart of our homes), and yet a room of our own for work, study, creativity or simply exercise.

It takes skill and experience to create these spaces. Our work is sensitive to a wide range of factors and our knowledge of construction techniques, coupled with an analytical approach, allows us to deliver carefully considered solutions. Our understanding of buildings means that we appreciate the infinite history within older buildings and we always consider the orientation and location in designing the configuration of the new.

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