Novus House

Replacement dwellings are always interesting projects, especially when a client wants to increase the size of the existing house through an ambitious rebuild. If the site is desirable with good grounds or outlook or indeed just well placed generally it is certain that the planning authority will have a view on any demolition and rebuilding.

Novus House was one such project. A very simple corrugated tin dwelling similar perhaps to the typical Australian Outback dwelling of the 20th century occupied the site. It was evidently unsatisfactory by modern standards and the client wished to create a contemporary eco dwelling in this location.

After considerable negotiations with the planning authority, we designed an enlarged, contemporary, open-plan house designed to Code Level 4 for Sustainable Homes. It was constructed using an off-site timber frame which minimised waste. Recycled shredded newspaper provided the insulation and the external structural board was formed from processed ‘off-cuts’ from the timber industry.

The external render was a breathable natural lime and the distinctive curved roof was sheeted in aluminium, a long-lasting ‘green’ material with not only a high recycled content but also the ability to be further recycled. Ground source heating with under floor heating features on both floors throughout this home.

The result is a compact, warm and comfortable home with an unusually spacious feel to the interior, with the added benefit of low running costs.

Property Name

Novus House



Planning District

Breckland Council




Completed, Award-winning


Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) Norfolk Award

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