Aeropak Pharmaceuticals

A new specialist laboratory and staff facilities, including a new canteen, together with additional internal alterations to an existing building for Aeropak, a pharmaceutical production company in Great Yarmouth.

The new building was constructed rapidly, with minimum disruption to the day-to-day production of the laboratory and attached to the existing building in a way that minimised interruption of the existing production facilities.

This was achieved by using an off-site timber frame construction method which also reduced waste to give a more sustainable manufacture. The roof and walls are insulated with shredded newspaper giving very high levels of thermal performance and a particularly green solution with the addition of thermally broken aluminium windows. The building features solar heating of hot water on the roof to pre-heat water for the production processes.

Property Name

Aeropak Pharmaceuticals


Great Yarmouth

Planning District

Great Yarmouth District Council







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