The Croft

It is architecturally challenging to greatly extend or update a standard or fairly ordinary house when it is located in an outstanding location. The issue is how to alter and adapt such a dwelling to create something truly functional and more visually desirable as a home. In many instances it would seem simpler to demolish the house and start again, but this is often economically unfeasible.

In the post war period, ‘patent book’ houses appeared in all sorts of locations, not just as they were originally intended, in urban or suburban developments, but placed in ‘one off’ situations on larger plots in the countryside as well. The reasons for doing this were various but these designs were often seen as a functional, proven and cost-effective design, if possibly somewhat dull.

With this project the existing house was extended to double its original size. Internally the plan was completely reconfigured with a new staircase in an atrium and a balcony for the master bedroom. The external finish is an insulated render and this new finish wraps both the pebble-dash exterior of the existing and the new block work of the rear extension, so unifying new and old.

This project features a proprietary block system utilising a high recycled content. The simplicity of the block system allowed rapid and cost-effective construction of the house. The new-clad slate and aluminium roof gives a modern crisp appearance to the whole, as well as greatly improving the thermal performance of the whole house.

Due to be completed mid 2020.

Property Name

The Croft


North Norfolk

Planning District

North Norfolk District Council




Under construction



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