One option for economically and efficiently creating your own unique home, is to find a simple house in a good location and extend and alter it to create an interesting and unique design. This is often easier said than done, as to be worthwhile the location must be exceptional to make it worth the effort.

Recognising a worthwhile site to be able to create such an opportunity is a key part of this approach and Hollybank is just such a project. A rather abandoned and overgrown plot housed a simple bungalow on the edge of a village location. Seeing its potential our client purchased the property and engaged us to completely reconfigure it.

The scheme comprises a vaulted dormer roof form and a roof terrace together with extensive changes at ground floor. It also entails a complete re-cladding of the building in order to meld the new and the original buildings together visually. After extensively clearing the site and removing overgrown leylandii perimeter hedges, our client was able to open out the views to reveal the landscape beyond, enhancing both the plot and consolidating the changes to the house.

Due for completion in late 2020 this scheme completely rejuvenates a village property.

Property Name



South Norfolk

Planning District

South Norfolk District Council




Under construction



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