Meditation Room

Buildings can play a great part in guiding or leading our mood.  Noggs Barn is a meditation room that was created on the site of a timber outbuilding in a peaceful location within a garden. 

The brief from the owners was to create a peaceful retreat in which meditation could take place, providing a sanctuary for contemplation and thought, but which could also serve as a meeting room or a garden room.   

The timber frame building has a very elegant simple form reminiscent of the Japanese form of construction with large overhanging eaves.  A glazed section to the centre of the building allows light deep into the building and a covered veranda gives shelter when the large sliding doors are opened to the adjoining terrace.  The project relates particularly well to the existing garden and house and the immediate outdoor areas are “brought into the building” through the large glazed screen and doors facing the garden. 

The project features underfloor heating and also has bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

Property Name

Meditation Room


South Norfolk

Planning District

South Norfolk District Council







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